MWM Mission

MWM: A Strong Brand with Added Value

MWM occupies a leading market position in the field of highly efficient, ecologically advanced, decentralized energy solutions. Thus, MWM serves its customers as a globally reliable partner for verifiable, durable added value in decentralized energy generation.

Our brand mission of "Energy. Efficiency. Environment." is a promise backed by more than 1,300 employees:

  • Our employees passionately endeavor to offer the best possible MWM product on the market and to ensure its smooth deployment through industry-grade consulting and other services.
  • MWM applies the principle of "best possible customer value engineering". This means that employees talk with customers, not only about machines and solutions to operational problems, but also about the economic value potential.
  • With a spirit of cooperation, MWM takes on responsibility in order to make its customers economically successful and to act responsibly under consideration of ecological efficiency aspects.

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150 years MWM - 150 years of continuous innovation