Prime Power

Prime Power - Decentralized Base Load Power Plants

The base load is the minimum performance of an electricity grid throughout the day. Base load power plants produce exactly this amount of electricity and make it available to the grid. Plants of this type run around the clock in order to ensure constant energy supply. Such MWM cogeneration plants to cover the base load may be small biogas gensets in Germany as well as large power plants in Asia or Africa.

However, gas engines can also compensate the energy feed-in fluctuations of wind and solar power plants and reduce CO2 emissions compared to conventional power plants. The possibility of starting and stopping the plants several times a day within a few minutes makes these plants suitable for covering peak loads. Other advantages of gas gensets include quick availability and operational readiness of the plants thanks to the modular structure. In this way, these plants can be deployed in a more cost-efficient and flexible way than other power plant types.


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