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Mannheim, March 27th, 2013

MWM CEO Willy Schumacher: Cogeneration ensures excellent growth perspectives for MWM’s electric power business

In a roundtable of leading executives of prime-mover original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) organized by trade magazine “Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide”, Willy Schumacher, CEO of MWM GmbH, gave an outlook on the future development of his company and the industry it serves. Emphasizing key trends relevant to the industry, Schumacher referred to the price of natural gas and its abundant conventional resource base, which is increasingly converging with those of unconventional gas resources, thus helping to ensure universal availability.

Another key trend is to be seen in the increased use of gas engines instead of diesel engines due to lower costs and rising environmental concerns. “The long-term perspective of the electric power business is excellent, while gas-powered power generation is a particularly beneficial position.” Especially the United States, Latin America and parts of Asia offer huge growth opportunities for MWM’s global business, said Schumacher. “Cogeneration is cost-effective and well suited to a variety of distributed generation applications. The U.S. has great potential in cogeneration”, the MWM CEO Willy Schumacher added.

Please retrieve more in-depth information in a related news report published in the April edition of trade magazine Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide

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