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TCG 3016. NEW on the block. Presented in vivid virtual images. The VIDEO about the newly developed TCG 3016 gas engine.

Mannheim, March 19, 2018

The MWM gas engines of the TCG 3016 series are more than a mere iteration of MWM's tried and tested gensets for distributed energy supply. The new gas engines have been developed from scratch in order to custom-tailor them to the challenges of Industry 4.0 and the changed framework conditions of a dynamic market environment in the age of global value chains. Following the successful product launch in November 2017, MWM recently released the product video about the powerful gas engines of the TCG 3016 series.

Elegant, Concise Product Video Highlights all Advantages and New Features of the TCG 3016

The four-minute video stands out with its high information content and its innovative presentation structure with sophisticated animations. Apart from drawing attention to the various areas in which MWM gas engines can be deployed in the fields of industry, agriculture, and infrastructure projects, the video highlights key technical and economic advantages of the newly developed TCG 3016 gas gensets. As is the case with all MWM gas engines, innovative products are always characterized by efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and a high level of environmental compatibility.

Moreover, the TCG 3016 series excels with significantly lower installation costs as well as low operating and maintenance costs. Besides reducing the installation costs, the integrated oil tanks reduce the required setup space. During the operation of the gas engines, the greatly reduced oil consumption of 0.1 g/kWhel and the resulting longer oil change intervals also enable significant servicing cost savings.

The Future of Distributed Energy Generation: Maximum Efficiency through Fully Integrated Digital Plant Control TPEM

Like in a feature-length movie, the excitement goes up as the TCG 3016 product video approaches the end. TPEM is a key aspect that distinguishes the TCG 3016 from its predecessors.

TPEM stands for "Total Plant & Energy Management", a fully integrated digital plant control. With TPEM, not only the gas-fired power genset, but the entire cogeneration power plant can easily be controlled and monitored on site or via remote access, ensuring maximum efficiency of the CHP (combined heat and power) plant. As all power plant data are unified in one system and the entire cogeneration power plant is controlled by the hardware and software solution custom-developed by MWM, many gas applications do not need any additional controls.

The TPEM digital plant control, which was also developed in Mannheim and introduced to the market along with the TCG 3016 gas engine, opens the door to the digital age for distributed energy solutions. 

We hope you enjoy watching the video!

Video: TCG 3016. NEW on the block.

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MWM Gas engine TCG 3016

Gas engine TCG 3016

TCG 3016 - Efficiency becomes digital
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