Maintenance and Repair

MWM assists its customers during the entire lifecycle of the gas engines, power generators and cogeneration plants.

Service Agreements

We consider the relationship with our customers as a long-term, trusting service cooperation for the purpose of fulfilling individual customer needs and ensuring the economic success of the plants. Custom-made service agreements ensure costing and planning security over the entire term.

Regular maintenance by MWM contributes to the effective avoidance of downtimes and ensures the quality and efficiency of the plant.

Maintenance and Maximum Availability

Highly qualified engineers who are familiar with the plants to the last detail take care of the maintenance of MWM gensets and plants. Furthermore, customers have quick access to any needed original spare parts for the respective series. The combination of expertise, availability, and time savings maximizes the efficiency of the plant.

Maximum Benefit for the Operator

Further developments are continually incorporated in the customer's plants. Custom-tailored service documentation provides first-hand information. The available database enables quick and precise identification of the current revision status for the parts order.

Repair work and supplied spare parts are subject to a 12-month warranty without any limit on operating hours.

Service brochure

This brochure provides an eight-page overview of MWM's worldwide service, highlighting the company's experience, training, competence, network, X-Change, spare parts, logistics and planning.

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MWM Service Tutorial Video #1

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MWM Premium Antifreeze -20

High-performance coolant for MWM diesel and gas engines

MWM gas engine Premium oil

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